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We are young but experienced team of web developers located in Europe and our mission it to change the way how local businesses interact with clients. World become so fast and smart, people do business online, find friends on different continents, see live streams from places they would never seen before. But people still have to call their favourite nearby restaurant to book a table, to set up an appointment in beauty salon or car service. Clients have to visit your website or call administrator to get news about services and promotions, finally you loose contact with them after appointment.

Our mission is to convert your clients into your loyal clients and it is not so hard! You will be the first who client visit when he needs your service and with smart mobile booking system that goes with the application you can manage the schedule and slots in a few clicks.

Appin5minutes is one of the tools from our Local Business Suite product intended to help small business to improve interaction with clients, consider looking at Repucaution if you need to improve social media management and to track reputation of your business.


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Appin5minutes is a mobile app builder that is an ideal solution for iOS and android app development. It is easy to work with and fully intuitive. There is no need to have special programming skills of mobile app builder. No proficiency in mobile website design is required either. Mobile software takes care of all. How to make an app? How to become a true iOS and android maker? You do not need to puzzle over it anymore. Use your imagination and app ideas to stand out from the crowd in mobile marketing. Appin5minutes is a very helpful solution. Its name speaks for itself. The tool saves time and provides you with a good base to make your ideas come true