Registration with email

The first step to start using Appin5minutes functionality is to get registered via email or social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+). Once signed up you are provided with 30 day free account to work with the service. Fees are charged after trial period finished.

Social AUTH

A user is provided with opportunity to use his social media accounts to sign up: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Enabling/disabling certain widgets

Widgets help to indicate features and customize design of future application. On default, the following widgets are used: About Us, Booking, Contacts, Coupons, Reviews, Services, Notifications. In “Application” section a user applies design and sends an app to be published in AppStore and Google Play. It is not necessary to use all the widgets. A user can omit “Reviews” or “Contacts” for instance – corresponding tabs will not show up in the application. However, it is advised to proceed with “About Us” section, indicate logo and select services. If required certain widgets can be enabled or disabled in superadmin.


Once apps are configured they are sent to AppStore and Google Play to be reviewed and published. A user sends request in section “Publication”. As soon as reviewed by the team the app will be published.

Applying corrections to the app / app content management

The app can be edited during configuration process. However, once it is sent to be published it can not be edited or corrected – a user needs to create a new app.

About us

In “About Us” section all relevant information about the service is indicated: name, history of creation, key points that make it unique, etc.


In “Booking” section service schedule is set up: operation time with breaks. A user selects time and adds service. In all incoming requests the booking information is displayed: data, time, service, number of persons, first and last name, phone, email, notes.


A user adds information about service location, phone number and email.


Reviews about the service are added so they will be displayed alongside with feedback left by clients in application moble version. Admin is able to hide some reviews and make them not visible for everyone.


A user creates a list of services. Each service includes an image, a title, price and a short description.


The widget provides the possibility to set up notifications sent to mobile phones: contents and schedule.


In section “Settings” a user indicates a logo, a name and a description for his future application. It is important to be careful while competing this task as once an app is sent to be published there will be no possobility to edit all again.


A user may apply any design he considers to be the most suitable for his future application. There is a range of custom templates to choose from (colours, automotive, health and beauty, restaurants, miscellaneous). A user is also able to upload his own image to create something that stands out from the crowd.

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